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Why Samrat Tailors



1.  Give Perfect Fittings

  • Samrat Tailors Give Perfect Fittings To Customers
  • Samrat Tailors Customized Fittings
  • Samrat Tailors Give Perfect Looking Fittings
  • Samrat Tailors Design Fittings According To Body Shape Of Specific Customers
  • Samrat Tailors Give Comfortable Fittings

2.  Use Quality Material

  • We Use Quality Materials Like Collar, Cuffs, Belt, Hooks, Chain, Thread, etc In Our Shop.

3.  Use Branded Material

  • We Use Specific Branded Material Such As
  1. "Raymonds" for Pocketing
  2. "Ruby" for Collor And Cuffs
  3. "MCL" for Chain And Canvas
  4. "Acme" for Hooks
  5. "Ameto" for Threads
  6. "Palak" for Show Strips

4.  Have Widest Collections

  • We Also Have Fabrics In Our Shop
  • We Have Also Collections Of 100% Pure Cottons
  • We Have Widest Collections Of Linen In Our Shop

5.  Give Full Customer Satisfaction

  • We Feed Our Customers Until They Get Satisfied
  • We Take Trial Of Customers In Shop
  • We Also Further Assist Customer If He Is Not Satisfied  
  • We Do Minor Changes To Fittings According To Customers Comfort

6.  Give Money Back Guarantee

  • Money Back Guarantee From Samrat Tailors If Customer Caused Any Type Of Un Satisfaction
  • Because Customer Choice Is the Priority For Samrat Tailors
  • Or Samrat Tailors Gives Other Fittings For Unsatisfied Customers

7.  Give On Time Delivery

  • Samrat Tailors Give On Time Delivery
  • Samrat Tailors Gives Delivery in 24 Hours For Pant, Shirt, Kurtas
  • Samrat Tailors Gives Delivery in 48 Hours For Blazers, Suits, Waistcoats, Modi Jackets

8.  Give Unique Designs And Patterns

  • Samrat Tailors Stitch All Types Of Designer Clothes
  • Samrat Tailors Stitch Designer Pathanis, Kurtas, Suits, Blazers, Waistcoats, Modi Jackets, Kali Kurtas, Shirts, Pants, Sherwanis, Jodhpuri etc.
  • We Design Same Pattern Same As Customer Wants